Saturday, March 26, 2016

Some good news, some bad news

The good news is, Cochran's Collector's Guide's 2016 edition has been uploaded to this website and is now available for your use, and to download to a mobile device if you want an even more portable version than our travel-size hardcopy book for your next road trip.

The bad news is, this edition was late in getting uploaded thanks to some major changes in the software we have been using for years to create this online Guide, which required us over weeks of trial-and-error to 1) figure out our former procedures were no longer going to work, and 2) figure out how to change what we were doing so it would be acceptable to the new software, and 3) get it all done.

The Guide's website is unlike most, in that it has in addition to several introductory pages that show you how to participate in the book, the free web pages for our advertisers who don't have their own websites, the 142 pages of the actual book. It's not easy to find instructions for a publication like this, and our webmaster had to work out several steps on his own. Maybe he should write a tutorial! Or not...

Hopefully next year's edition will proceed more smoothly! Thanks for your patience.

Bliss and Jim Cochran
Editor and Publisher

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