Sunday, July 5, 2009

We think, therefore we blog

Sometimes I just like to surf on a subject and find inspiration. My favorite topics are antiques, vintage and collectibles (plus sailing and living in Mexico, but that's another blog). This morning I've added more than a dozen new blogs to my list (scroll down and find it on the right), and you're invited to visit them all, when you've got a free hour or two (it took me an entire morning). Some are about brick-and-mortar antique shops, others are online sellers, and many are collectors who enjoy writing about decorating their homes in old stuff.

If you've been thinking of starting a blog on any of the above subjects, and you need some help with your design, check out for a selection of absolutely free art elements… everything from backgrounds to buttons to blinkies, pretty post dividers, even page headers in your choice of funky or elegant motifs from Megan and her webmaster brother Kaleb.

Here's a button I like a lot…

And this is an example of a blinkie…

There's a detailed, easy-to-follow instruction page, so you can experiment and play with charming bits and pieces to dress up your page.

At Megan's own blog, you can get acquainted and learn more about design, how to use code and tap into your inner artist. She's promising "even more designs, freebies and tutorials" to make your blog fabulous. If you appreciate her generosity and creative spirit, send her a comment! Like all of us bloggers, Megan loves feedback and if she hears from you she might just write a feature about you!
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