Saturday, April 27, 2013

Post-Deadline, More Stores Added to the Guide

The 2013 Cochran's Collector's Guide was published last November in hardcopy, and is now in the hands of thousands of antique shoppers who picked them up in our advertisers' stores. It's our 24th annual edition!

The online version took a little longer. Software we had used for years to reproduce the annual Guide for online use was suddenly made obsolete, and new software had to be acquired and learned (those learning curves are pretty steep sometimes!) And then, to complicate matters further, the software we needed to convert the online version for use on mobile devices also needed to be replaced. Another learning curve. Our Webmaster was at it for weeks! But now we have both, up to date.

As happens every year, we heard from some stores after we went to press last fall: "When's the next edition come out? I want to be included!" But the Guide is an annual publication—once it's gone to the press we don't produce another one until the following fall. However, the online version is infinitely updatable, one of the things we love about the Internet. So we have been able to add the following advertisers to the 2013 Guide:

• CALM Antique Show & Sale, Santa Barbara, CA, pg. 10 (view their website at They have three shows a year and the next one is coming up on May 17-19, so check it out pronto!

• The Pennyfarthing, Sacramento, CA, pg. 61 (view their web page at:

• Magpie Antiques and All Things Inspiring, Ripon, CA, pg. 73 (see their web page at: 

• King Richard's Antiques, Whittier, CA pg.  (See their website at

• Tons of Treasures, Laguna Niguel, CA, pg. 123 (See their web page at