Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Operators are standing by

We're in the home stretch here at Cochran's, winding up production on the 2016 Collector's Guide. The new edition will have some expanded coverage in Oregon and Northern California, and of course we're continuing the new glossy color section. There is still space for more stores and shows, for one more week.

Option 1: Do-it-yourselfers can get the rate information by simply clicking the PARTICIPATE button above, and selecting whether you have a store, an event, a service or internet business, or an association of several stores. A map of our entire five-state coverage pops up; select your state to see rate info for everything from entry-level descriptive paragraph/map to full page color (actually a twofer: an ad in the color section and another in your geographical section of the book). A button below the rates takes you to an instruction page with dimensions for our quarter-page, half-page and full-page display ads. You can then prepare a camera-ready ad, email it to us as a pdf, include a storefront photo (which comes free if you buy a display ad) and the descriptive paragraph (also free) and you're good to go! We'll do the mapping and get a proof back to you pronto.

Option 2: you can email us at info@cochrans.com or call (866) 585-6162 and we'll email you a rate sheet. Our operator will happily give you all the details, take the information for your descriptive paragraph or help you compose it. We can design a display ad for you too, even put in photo(s) if you have some on your Facebook page or website you like.

But please, don't send us any copy or photos by snail mail, it would not get to Cochran's in time.

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