Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Take Hubby Shopping for Mantiques

Men have been deeply involved in antiques since the first caveman started collecting old bones, but still when a lot of guys think of antiques they picture spindly gilded furniture and pretty dishes, not really their cup of tea (hope that remark doesn't sound sexist). They get that glassy-eyed look when you want them to go with you shopping in antique stores. But now there are stores that boldly offer "mantiques," "architectural," "industrial" items that definitely spark a man's interest.

One we just came across this morning is called Acme Garage, in Medford, Oregon. They describe their store as follows: "At over 6600 sq ft, our co-op is packed with high-octane vintage items." When you go there, you might want to bring a truck!

Guys! Imagine this "settee" in your man cave!

Check out their Facebook page for a preview. It's a guy kinda thing, from the banner featuring four pin-up girls reminiscent of mechanics' calendars, on down...a miner's carbide lamp, advertising signs for once-popular petroleum products, metal lockers like you had in high school, stuff from dismantled post offices and bowling alleys, giant sign letters, 1950s billboards, neon signs, repurposed furniture and all the elements a fella needs to do some repurposing on his own...Well, you get the idea. Lots of photos for inspiration.

 They've got a sign out front that says "Drop him off at Acme Garage...Free Mansitting." So next time you're in Medford stop at 2784 West Main St, bring the hubby and don't be surprised if he has the time of his life.

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