Thursday, August 13, 2015

MCM Vintage, a promising start in Chico

Last week a couple of dealers who had space in another large mall in downtown Chico, CA struck out on their own and opened a new multi-dealer store in town, calling it MCM Vintage. It's always exciting to watch these new beginnings, from the grunge work of repairs, hookups and refurbishings on the building, to the erection of the sign identifying your business and welcoming the new dealers as they unpack their merchandise and set up their displays.

MCM Vintage is going with a mid-20th-century theme, sometimes referred to as "Mid-Mod." Sleek Danish Modern furniture and d├ęcor such as colorful and fancifully shaped glass. Fun and innovative Steampunk objects. Rugs with geometric designs. Lots of kitchenalia like the gadgets Mom taught cooked with, often much better quality than the Chinese-made appliances available today. And, an MCM specialty, a collection of old vinyl records so large they call that part of the store the Wax Museum. If you grew up in the 50s and 60s you're bound to get a sweet nostalgic rush when you walk into the store, or visit their Facebook page.

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