Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You get more than 800 chances to find what you're looking for...or to experience that serendipitous moment when you find what you didn't KNOW you were looking the Long Beach Antique & Collectible Flea Market Sunday, Sept. 16. That's in Long Beach, California.

How much space do 800 sellers take? More than 20 acres. Be sure and take your walking shoes. Drive the 405 Freeway to Lakewood Blvd. North, turn right on Lakewood Blvd to Conant St, turn right again, and you're there!

Admission is $5, but you can show your Cochran's Collector's Guide (Pg 15) and they'll knock off fifty cents.

This outstanding show (called "Best in the US" by Good Housekeeping Magazine, is held the third Sunday of every month, plus a couple of special sales on April 29 and Sept. 30 (so you get two chances this month to score that special find!)

Get a taste of what you're in for at their website, Which is the source of these photos.

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