Saturday, September 4, 2010

Out of the ordinary

The motto at Sekula's Fine Art & Antiques is "Because your world shouldn't be ordinary," and there's certainly nothing ordinary about the early 20th Century, Arts & Crafts furnishings they have collected at their store in the 57th Street antique center in Sacramento.

Misha Sekula and Rick Kersey are decorators and designers as well as dealers in antiques, and their tastes run to rich textures (think gleaming leather and glossy, dark wood) and understated forms that unite easily with other pieces rather than clashing or dominating a room. My favorite pieces are the irresistible deep leather chairs in tones of chocolate and caramel, with soft mica-shaded lighting, Mission furniture in pristine condition, warm velvety textures in subdued patterns I could live with for decades and never get tired of them. Wandering through their website, I get nostalgic for an era before my time, in the early 1900s when Craftsman cottages set the style in California.
Sekula's has an art gallery, too, featuring contemporary award-winning artists such as Terry Miura and Keith Wicks, and photographers like Don Satterlee. Periodically they host showings of artists' works, the most recent being Visions of New York and Central Park by Kevin Courter. Photos of these works also appear on the website. I couldn't help but notice that the styles and subject matter blend beautifully with the furniture on display, even though the artists are from the current generation.

Sekula's also offers custom design for furniture and cabinetry. The store is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11am-5pm or by appointment.

Photos are from; visit their website to see much, much more.

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