Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tappity tap tap

For the very rare individuals among us collectors who love old and antique typewriters, I just discovered that Blogspot named Fresh Ribbon a "blog of note" this month. A very interesting style for showing their archives is the first thing to catch the eye.

My last typewriter was an IBM Selectric, which was advanced for its time because of its variable spacing, which made the type look more like book type. I can't even remember the last time I heard a typewriter, once the soundtrack for my working life. No, wait! I do remember: a typewriter was used in the background of a Janis Joplin recording, "How Long Do I Have to Wait."

And yes, I am actually old enough to have used a typewriter like this old Underwood, a Standard No. 5, in the privately-owned Selectric Typewriter Museum.


Felipe said...

I have a 1923 Royal. Or is it Underwood? I´ll have to run downstairs to look. In any event, I love it, and it belonged to my grandfather.

Chez Bliss said...

But do you ever use it? You have to pound hard on the keys. I remember doing that, then going to the computer, and trying to type again on a typewriter. Couldn't do it. Everything came out like tr9h2vz.

Felipe said...

It´s a Royal. About 1998 I shipped it to New York City from Houston where I lived at the time, and had it renovated. It probably works more or less like it did way back when. I typed my Mexican naturalization application on it. I have no need for it anymore, so it just sits in the living room looking pretty. It weighs a ton.