Monday, July 7, 2008

A Bloglist To Reckon With

My bloglist at right is growing by leaps and bounds as I discover other bloggers who are interested in antiques and collectibles. Many, I have to warn you, have an agenda: they want to sell you something. But hey, when did we ever shrink from shopping?

I did find one blog, with the unlikely name Dumpdiggers, that offers a lot more than items for sale. Rob Campbell, a self-described Canadian "relic hunter," is only 31, but he has the heart of a seeker and loves to chronicle and share his research. On his blog is a Swicki (new term to me) that led me to a whole mob of other relic hunters, all of whom have their own fascinating stories to tell. Oh, and some people with stuff to sell.

Another link, Nancy Matson's "Workin' It," led me to an informative interview with an antique dealer, Michelle Staley, of My Granny's Attic. Michelle has stuff to sell, but also some research information to share that can help us become more informed and smarter collectors. For an example, see her Forum page for a feature on "Blown Three-Mold Glass and Lily Pad Glass," an article on how to clean silver using sour milk (!), how to identify Roman coins, and a Q&A section called Ask Amelia.

And another blogger who likes to research and "ain't selling a thing" is Chris Proudlove in the UK, who's written on everything from advertising antiques to whimsies. Visit Write Antiques when you have plenty of time to get acquainted.

I'm greedy for stories, how-to tips and such. And I'm greedy for more links, too. I do visit each of these, not wanting to inflict long-expired blogs or egregiously excessive sales pitches on you, dear reader.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Thank you for stopping by theVintageNest. What a wonderful blog you have and a wonderful service. I would be happy to add your site to my list and happy to be included on yours. ~ Lynn

The Gatherings said...

I am very impressed with your site and the service you are providing. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I appreciate you adding my link to yours and have done the same for you. The Gatherings

The Cochrans said...

Lynn - You're welcome. And you'll notice my blogroll is set up chronologically, so when you post you go to the top. I look forward to what you'll have to say next.