Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Blog is Born

Twenty years ago our little 40-page free map guide to the antique stores of three counties in Northern California was launched from Petaluma as a sister publication to my monthly newspaper, Cochran's Art, Antiques and Collectibles.

The monthly (along with its 12 deadlines a year) has faded into history. But the map guide--still free but now 200 pages!-- has grown to cover the five western states, from Washington to Arizona. It's still the only free map guide of its kind in the US.

We may be focused on antiques, but we're learning to use the tools of the 21st century. A few years ago, we hatched a free-access subsidiary website (where you now find yourself, dear reader) and as of today, I'm starting a brand new blog.

Blogging about the antique world gives me lots of opportunities to indulge in what I enjoyed most about the monthly: researching and writing about antiques and collectibles, and interviewing people who are knowledgeable in the field. In a manner of speaking, I'll be reviving much of the monthly's best features without killing any more trees.

In our Comments readers can suggest specific antique subjects of interest, and I'll do my best to follow up. You'll be welcome to correct any mistakes and if you're so inclined, shower us with praise. We're starting an ever-growing bloglist and resource list with links that will cover everything from auctions and shows to how-to articles and news of interest.

The Internet made possible a way of life we at Cochran's only dreamed of a few years ago. One of our greatest pleasures has been sailing the coast of Mexico, and with the advent of e-mail, VOIP phones and fax, we moved ourselves and our publication South of the Border in 2006. Our home is now a five-minute walk from our boat, S/V "Bliss", in San Carlos, Sonora. Each year, when the annual Collector's Guide has been published and distributed, we'll continue our explorations, and you can follow along if you like, by visiting my other blog, 1st Mate. Welcome aboard!


Mark said...

wow! you got this going so quickly - love the photos and the content.

I took the liberty of subscribing this blog to Feedburner ( so your new content will be distributed to future eager followers!


The Cochrans said...

Thanks, Mark! You've been so much help putting this together.